DK Children's Discovery Encyclopedia - Explore Tutankhamun's Tomb

This set of DK Children's Exploration Encyclopedia has a total of 12 volumes. Through detailed narratives and rich illustrations, children can learn about famous people and events in history, understand the process of human exploration and understanding of the world, and understand each era on this basis. The socio-economic and political conditions of the people, and the living conditions of ordinary people at that time. "Exploring Tutankhamun's Tomb - Unraveling the Mystery of the Life and Death of an Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh" is one of the books in the series. Why did the 18-year-old young pharaoh die young? What kind of mystery does he have? Why did the discovery of his tomb become the biggest discovery of Egyptian archaeology? What are the untold stories of excavating his tomb? This book will take you through the excavation and exploration process of the pharaoh Tutankhamun's tomb by archaeologists, and learn about relevant historical figures and interesting stories.

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