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With a beautiful original intention - to allow children living in Europe to enjoy (like in China) choosing their favorite picture books, Beauty Children's Bookstore was established during the epidemic (January 2022). Beautiful Children's Club has a professional team of teachers who provide online guidance for parents and children living in Europe, so that each book can maximize its value. We firmly believe in the power of reading, and we hope that every child can be immersed in the ocean of knowledge to recharge their brains. Beauty Children's Bookstore hopes to lead children to find their interest in Chinese and fall in love with Chinese!

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Welcome to the beautiful children's library

beautiful children's libraryThe first in northern Europe to offerSpot goodsThe Chinese online library has hundreds of international and domestic award-winning Chinese picture books. Beautiful Children's Bookstore has created a platform for parents living in Europe to communicate and provide online guidance by experienced teachers who have been engaged in education for many years. We will provide matching picture books according to the child's age, hobbies and Chinese level, so that each book can maximize its value.

We believe that every child loves to listen to stories, so parent-child reading is the best way to accompany them. American Poet, Writer Scrimland.Gilliland(Stickland Gillilan)In the poem "The Reading Mother" he wrote:You may have infinite wealth, boxes of jewelry and cabinets of gold, but you'll never be richer than me, and I have a mother who reads to me.

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