June 29, 1999

"June 29, 1999" is a wonderfully conceived picture book. On May 11, 1999, Holly Evans conducted a daring and creative experiment in which she launched various vegetable seedlings into space to study the effects of extraterrestrial environments on vegetable growth and development. On June 29th, strange things happened all over the United States, and the more Holly thought about it, the more wrong it became: daikon radish, arugula... These were not on her list of experiments. She finally understood that these giant vegetables were not the results of her experiments at all. She was a little disappointed, but more curious. She asked herself: "Where do these vegetables come from? Where did my vegetable seedlings go?" There are not many children's picture books about the turbulent society under the war. The reasons for the war are too complicated and too tragic. How to tell the cruelty to children? , and what does the war look like from a child's point of view? This book gives a good answer.

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