100-story house series (4 volumes in total)

"100-story House Series Picture Book" has 4 volumes, 100-story house + 100-story underground house + 100-story house under the sea + 100-story house in the sky.

Follow Duoqi, Xiaokong, Tiantian and Aji to experience the surprise of the 100-story house on the ground, underground, under the sea and in the sky! Different owners live on each floor, and each floor has a different story, so who is living on the 100th floor? There are surprises on every page to cultivate children's concentration and imagination. Warning in advance, this set of books is suitable for children aged 3-6, it is more expensive for mothers, please be prepared before placing an order!

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"The 100-story house series" is a must-have picture book for 3~6 years old! It gives people a brand-new reading experience in the way of vertical opening, and this form can better serve the story.

Different owners live on each floor, and each floor has a different story, so who is living on the 100th floor? These suspense attract children to keep reading,

Moreover, the habits of animals are introduced in the story, and many details are hidden, it is worth reading again and again! Kids can't put it down!

"House with 100 floors"

One day, Doki received a letter from the spider prince who lived on the top floor of the 100-story house, and the letter said "Welcome to my house to play". Doki walked and walked according to the map in the letter

Ah, suddenly a house appeared in front of me! Duoqi looked up hard, but he couldn't see the top floor of the house. Can Duoqi successfully reach the 100th floor...?

"The House with 100 Floors Underground"

One day, Xiao Kong was taking a bath when a stranger's voice suddenly came. "My family lives on the 100th floor underground, and there is a party going on now, do you want to come and play?"

Xiaokong thought about it and decided to take a look. What kind of party is going to be held in the house on the 100th floor underground?

"The 100th Floor House Under the Sea"

A ship sails on the vast sea. A little girl is standing at the head of the bridge holding a doll named Tiantian, about to feed the seagulls. Suddenly, the seagull's wings hit

Tiantian-thump! She fell into the sea all at once. So, can Tiantian finally return to the little girl's side?

"House with 100 floors in the sky"

One cold winter day, a great tit was hungry and found only one sunflower seed. "Only this is not enough to eat at all, how can we find more food?

……correct! I plant this seed and it will produce many, many seeds...'. To find a place to plant the seed, the great tit flew up into the sky.


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