Frog and Toad Friends A total of 4 volumes

"Frog and Toad" (set of 4 volumes) is created by the famous American children's book writer and painter Aino Lobel, with 5 short stories in each volume. Describe the little things that happen to two good friends, frog and toad, every day, and make children laugh and feel the true meaning of friendship at the same time. This book is a very good set of bridge books, which can deepen children's memory of new words through the repetition of words, and lead children into the track of independent reading. Every little story makes children laugh but is worth thinking about. This is a set of bridge books that the owner's own children have read three times. I hope this set of books will also help parents who want their children to read independently.


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青蛙和蟾蜍好朋友 共4册青蛙和蟾蜍好朋友 共4册




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