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"Einstein Biography" is the greatest scientist in the 20th century. This book is a biography written by Einstein's close friend and like-minded colleague Philip Frank from the inner world of Einstein. Once published, it has been a bestseller and has become one of the 100 classic biographies of the 20th century. The whole book summarizes the physical world before Einstein, gives two most understandable diagrams of Einstein's discoveries, and depicts the moving moment when the expedition verified Einstein's theory of relativity under the environment of total solar eclipse. In the section "Journey to Prague", we saw many late-night talks between Einstein and Frank at his home in the face of many doubts from the academic circles. Because he is a close friend, in the book we see the confusion and depression of Einstein in Philip Frank's pen when he was a teenager when he was pursuing his ideals and finding himself. And after that, Einstein's successful course of daring to deny and dare to choose. In the face of the threat of the Nazis, it was the mutual trust between close friends that allowed Philip Frank to find Einstein who lived in seclusion in Switzerland, and witnessed the whole process of Einstein's departure to the United States, a foreign country. Because I am a contemporary witness, I have no hearsay about Einstein's attitude towards Zionism, and I know that Einstein did not evade and shirk responsibility for the discovery of the atomic bomb and the advent of the nuclear age, and did not subvert Einstein. There is no wild guessing in the value beliefs and remodeling, and in the face of the great changes of the times, there is no avoidance of Einstein's own hesitation and fragility. Einstein described by Philip Frank is not only "the greatest scientist of the twentieth century", but also a wise man who chose to persevere, compassionate, humorous and wise in that turbulent era.

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