who ate my apple?

"Who ate my apple (fine)" is one of the best-selling picture book series in the world, suitable for children over 2 years old. Picture book author Lee Jae-min wrote an interesting detective story, in which the little mouse leads the child to find the guy who ate the apple. The little mouse is fearless on the way to investigate, gradually eliminating the mystery, narrowing the scope of the investigation, and getting closer and closer to the guy who ate the apple... This little detective story written for children can greatly mobilize children's participation and guide They peeled away from the dense fog and mysteries to get closer to the truth; the process of children following the little mouse to investigate the case to the bottom of the story is also a process of training their logical thinking.

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On a sunny afternoon, the little mouse and the little hedgehog made a delicious apple pie and happily prepared an outdoor meal. However, in a blink of an eye, the apple pie was gone, and the only clue was a green tail on the edge of the bush.

"Is this your tail?" The two little detectives talked about suspicious animals all the way. What are the tails of these animals? With this broken tail, can the little detectives find the guy who stole the apple pie?谁吃了我的苹果?谁吃了我的苹果?谁吃了我的苹果?谁吃了我的苹果?谁吃了我的苹果?





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