The little goldfish escaped

The classic Gomi Taro, which is popular all over the world, has sold 2.3 million copies in Japan. The little goldfish escaped, where will it hide? In the process of searching, improve the baby's observation, concentration and cognitive ability, feel the fun of exploration, and also get mathematical enlightenment! Puzzle Book + Toy Book + Game Book

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Oops, the little goldfish escaped from the tank! Where did you escape to? On the curtains, in the flowers, in the candy jar, in the fruit bowl... Where is its shadow? Next, this naughty little guy even played the "cloning technique" on the mirror and turned into three identical little goldfish. Which one is the real little goldfish? Later, it jumped into a big pond with many goldfish. Which goldfish is the one we are looking for? Invite the children to open this book and use their good eyesight to find it out!



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