David, no

"David, You Can't" - This naughty little boy written by the famous American children's writer David Shannon always makes a series of funny behaviors. However, no matter how naughty he is, he will always be his mother's baby!

Every child who watched "David" liked him very much. This innocent little boy who made a mess in the house made them feel happy and relieved. In fact, which child is not "David"? For me to learn to get along with others and to respect the rules of the school, the author cleverly hides the boring preaching in the story. Parent-child reading is not only a learning process for children, but also a learning process for parents. Through this series of books, our parents can think about when to let their children go, when to give them some guidance, and when to let them know right and wrong. The "David" series of picture books won the Caldecott Award in the United States, inspiring a selection of famous picture books by international masters. 1998 New York Times Picture Book of the Year. 2001 7th Japan Picture Book Award Reader's Award.

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