Wonderland of Animals (8 volumes in total)

How to parry the child's unconstrained style? How to care for children's whimsy? Open the door of "Wonderland of Animals", let's "whimsical" together with your baby! What would happen if an octopus went to buy shoes? Can whales sing karaoke? Do monkeys like to go to school?

"Animal Wonderland (8 volumes in total)" is a set of imaginative and interesting popular science picture books, aimed at children aged 2-6. This book anthropomorphizes animals, cleverly connecting brain-opening questions with animal knowledge. If animals come to live in the human world, what interesting things will happen? Example: What would happen if the penguin went to the supermarket? —he will feel at home in the freezer. Because the Antarctic island where penguins live is much colder than the freezer! 72 funny questions, 72 witty answers, the question-and-answer format is very suitable for parent-child reading, allowing children to learn about animals while laughing, and fully stimulate imagination.

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