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Anna Fisk, a Nordic pen drawing children's book master, spent 10 years creating! Follow different times, places, characters, stories, and clues to discover the secrets of the world. Each page is a treasure map to explore nature! The author of this book, who is also a creator of text and drawings, has carried out tedious and difficult research and investigation for the creation of each theme. Using superb pen drawing skills, he has created pictures with childish brushstrokes, vivid colors, quirky and full of a lot. The detailed pen illustrations have won the Norwegian Ministry of Culture Picture Book Award and the School Librarians Association Literature Award in one fell swoop! "Hello! The first 5 volumes of the "World" series were well received in China and won the 2016 National Most Beautiful Picture Book Award, the 2016 School Library Association Literary Award, the 2016 Baidao Good Book List and the China Education News 2016 Top Ten Children's Books Recommended by Teachers. famous! Added "Hello! "Forest" chapter, full of greetings to young Chinese readers after Anna Happy China tours Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen!

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