"The Crowd: Crowd Psychology", which has been sold all over the world for 122 years, analyzes the essence of group psychology, involving psychology, sociology, communication, political science and other aspects, and has profoundly influenced global politicians, entrepreneurs and other elites from all walks of life leader. This classic, which can be read in one afternoon, helps us see the true face of the group, so that in the face of conflicts and contradictions, we can always maintain reason, inner strength and clear judgment.

The translator of this book is Dong Qiang, Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the Fu Lei Translation Award and Director of the French Department of Peking University. Because of his respect for the original work, it became popular after publication.

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  •                   This book puts forward the shocking "mob theory", which subverts people's usual understanding of groups.
  •                   First of all, a group is a new life form. When different individuals gather into a group, it seems to become an independent creature, which has its own personality, emotions, and behavior patterns.
  •                   Second, groups inhibit the individual's capacity for rational reflection. No matter how smart and rational a person is, once he joins a group, he will become blind and impulsive. He accepts the opinions, ideas, and beliefs offered by the group without question, blindly imitating the behavior and attitudes of others in the group.
  •                   Third, groups are impulsive, susceptible to hints, and prone to high emotions or even anger. Thugs feel empowered by being part of a group and don't allow any of their wishes to be thwarted.
  •                   Fourth, groups are similar to animals, and groups need to be domesticated. If you want to influence a group without being influenced by the group, you need to control it in a way similar to hypnosis, that is, use hints, assertions, etc. methods.
  •                   This book foresees the development of psychology and politics in the 20th century. The ideas in the book have profoundly influenced scholars and political figures such as Freud, Roosevelt, de Gaulle, etc., and are praised by Freud as "a well-deserved masterpiece".产品简介                   Gustave Le Bon (1848-1931), founder of group psychology, French sociologist and anthropologist. Published dozens of books and perfected theories of psychology and anthropology. US President Theodore Roosevelt insisted on meeting Le Pen after carefully reading Le Pen's works. Another head of state, Alexandre Deri, also wrote: "If you meet Le Pen, tell him that the President of the Republic of Chile is his great admirer".

    Among Le Pen's many works, "The Crowd: A Study in the Psychology of the Crowd" published in 1895 is the most famous. In addition, he is also the author of "The Psychological Laws of the Evolution of Nations", "The French Revolution and Revolutionary Psychology", "War Psychology" and other series.

    A series of masterpieces of social psychology.

    乌合之众original order
    This book is devoted to characterizing groups.
    The national character is the sum of the innate commonality of a group of people, but when several individuals gather together with a purpose, some new characteristics different from the national character will be produced. It is not difficult to find that these two psychological characteristics are sometimes very different, just because of the fact that they are clustered together.
    Organized groups have always played an important role in the lives of peoples, but this role has never been as large as it is today. A great feature of the present age is that the unconscious behavior of the crowd has completely replaced the conscious behavior of the individual.
    I try my best to study various incomprehensible group phenomena in a purely scientific way, that is, step by step, step by step, and try not to be influenced by various claims, theories, and doctrines. I believe this is the way to discover some truth, especially when the issue is widely debated, such as this one. Scientists who devote themselves to objective research have no obligation to care whose interests their research will harm. The famous thinker Mr. Gablet de Alviola recently commented that I do not belong to any contemporary schools. However, he found from time to time that my views are contrary to all schools of thought. Hopefully, this new book will do the same. No matter which genre you belong to, you must first hold its prejudices and prejudices.
    I also have to explain to the reader why it appears to him that there is absolutely no causal relationship between my research and the conclusions on which it is based. For example, I point out that the group (including the parliament) has a serious mental defect, but think that it is not to interfere with its organizational structure, but to let this inferiority go.
    Because after careful study of historical facts, I have all found that social life forms are as complex as any living things in every respect, and cannot be fundamentally transformed by sudden force. The way of heaven is forever, sometimes radical, but never in our way.. This book can explain why nothing is more fatal to a nation than the enthusiasm for the Great Revolution, no matter how beautiful it is in theory. Revolution alone is useless unless it changes the national character at the same time, but only time has the power to change the national character. People are dominated by ideology, emotion and traditional customs, these things are actually ourselves; laws and institutions are only the manifestation of our character, expressing the needs of national character. Laws and institutions are the result, while national character is the cause, so the former cannot change the latter.
    The study of social phenomena cannot go beyond ethnic factors, as a nation creates its own social phenomena. From a theoretical point of view, social phenomena have value, but from a practical point of view, they have only relative value.
    Therefore, when studying social phenomena, two very different perspectives must be used alternately. In this way we can understand that what is expressed by pure reason is often contrary to practical reason. There is hardly any phenomenon, not even natural phenomena, for which this distinction does not apply.
    From the point of view of truth, a cube or a circle has a fixed geometric shape, strictly obeying certain theorems. But when viewed from different angles, great changes will occur. Depending on the viewing angle, a cube becomes a rectangle or a triangular prism, and a circle becomes a line segment or an ellipse. Moreover, these illusions are far more important than real shapes, because we see them and only them, and only these illusions can be drawn or photographed.


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